Pop-Up Sound Garden

playing with architecture

Gabriella D’Angelo received a Master of Architecture I from the University at Buffalo and a Master of Architecture II from The Cooper Union.  A designer in the city of Geneva, NY and an Assistant Professor of Art + Architecture at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Gabriella's explorations in design often lead to playful investigations of formal, material, experiential, and construction methodologies, reconceiving of and evolving architectural typologies, and spatial constructions.  Focused on exploring art and design as a means of revitalizing, educating, and engaging her community and contemporary ills at large, her interdisciplinary and multi-scale design practice has lead to both independent and collaborative projects including parks, installations, and clothing. Envisioning her work as an interactive tool that encourages participation from the general public in order to establish an architecture, her work seeks to empower people, allowing for an engagement within the creative process that ultimately generates something that is fluid, adaptive, and democratic.